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Beretta 1301 Tactical Gen2 Shotgun

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New 1301 Tactical features the addition of several integral improvements in response to feedback from the marketplace. We have redesigned the bolt release lever to allow for a more solid function and eliminating the chance of a double feed. We have also added an aluminum picatinny rail on the receiver in order to support heavier optics. Lastly, we have threaded the barrel for Optima Bore HP Chokes, which will allow for you to use any of our 12ga OBHP chokes to get the most performance out of your 1301 Tactical.

Engineered to be ultra-reliable and easy to use, it has all the features that a modern tactical shotgun should offer—and more. And thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for negotiating tight spaces.


Easy Operation, Plenty of Features
Right out of the box, the 1301 Tactical features an oversized charging handle, large textured bolt release and an oversized reversible safety button. This makes it easy to use under most weather or lighting conditions—your hands will always be able to positively and safely grip it and operate the controls. Also, the aggressive checkering on the fore-end and stock makes it easy to gain a secure grip even while wearing gloves. The 1301 Tactical features a robust, protected ghost-ring system with an interchangeable front sight, giving the user the opportunity to adapt it to any use, whatever the conditions. An interchangeable choke system allows for maximum flexibility based on use and needs. An OptimaBore, HP Improved Cylinder (flush configuration) is included with this package.

Easy Customization to Most Shooters’ Needs
Although perfect out of the box, this tactical shotgun is easily adaptable to most users’ needs, body type and shooting posture. The stock is adjustable for length of pull with provided spacers, ensuring it will always come up naturally to your shoulder and point easily. Drop and cast are adjustable as well. And, for extra flexibility in customization and accessorization, the receiver offers an aircraft-grade aluminum MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail, making it a snap to add optics without modification to the shotgun.

Super-Fast Shooting
The integrated BLINK gas operating system, featuring a cross tube gas piston, allows the 1301 Tactical to cycle 36% faster than any other shotgun on the market. This also makes it ideal for three-gun competitions: when shooting the 1301 Tactical, you will simply and objectively have an edge over your competitors.

Barrel Deep in Fore-End
The barrel is set deep into the fore-end to ensure closeness to the supporting hand. This makes pointing more natural.

Trigger Guard and Oversized Safety
The safety button is oversized and placed right at the trigger guard to ensure easy and positive use.

Fore-End Grip Checkering
The fore-end is aggressively checkered for a secure and positive grip.

Front Blade Sight
The sights on the 1301 Tactical are not an afterthought: they have been developed to be easily visible both indoors and outdoors under different lighting conditions. Also, the front sight is interchangeable, should the user prefer a different profile or material.

Gas System
The gas-operating system of the 1301 Tactical features a self-cleaning mechanism, meaning that this shotgun shoots as clean as a recoil-operated gun.

Ghost Ring Sight
The solid rear "ghost-ring" sight ensures easy and intuitive pointing and target-acquisition even with both eyes open.

Oversized Bolt Release and Handle
We have "supersized" the controls of the 1301 Tactical so that the shotgun may be easily operated without looking under most conditions.

Picatinny Rail
The Picatinny rail enables the easy attachment of a variety of sighting accessories without gunsmithing and without any modification to the shotgun.

Sling Attachment
As a best-in-class tactical shotgun, the 1301 Tactical offers the possibility to attach a sling.

Standard Capacity Magazine

Aggressive Checkering
The checkering on the pistol grip is crisp and aggressive; this shotgun may be easily operated without your hands slipping--even while wearing gloves.

Adjustable Length of Pull
A spacer system makes it easy to modify the length of pull to suit most shooters' body size and shooting style.


SKU 12011 16830 16831
MPN 7R1B51131CA11 7R3B33132CA11 7R3B64133CA11
Barrel length (cm) 47 47 47
Barrel length (in) 18.5 18.5 18.5
Chamber (mm) 76 76 76
Chamber (in) 3" 3" 3"
Gauge 12 12 12
Lylium Y Y Y
Overall length (mm) 960 960 960
Overall length (in) 37.8 37.8 37.8
Receiver Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Color Black FDE OD Green


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12 Gauge

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Mike Anderson on 2022 Jun 9th


    Beretta 1301 Tactical

    Incredibly light compared to the Benelli M4 and recoil isn't dramatically heavy with target slugs. Worth every dollar!

  • Posted by Bill on 2022 Feb 7th


    Excellent Service!

    These guys rushed to get my order out the very next morning. I also had a bunch of post-sale inquiries about the gun. Responses to my questions were almost immediate. Thank-you CSC!