BIOC 550 Paracord 11-in-1 Survival Keychain

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Inside the braided 9 feet of 550 paracord is a collection of hard to bushcraft items for emergency wilderness survival including;

  • 2 Fishing Hooks
  • 32 Feet of Fishing Line
  • 2 Lead weights
  • 2 Fishing Floats
  • 2 Fishing Swivels
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • 1 Fire Tinder


On outside of keychain is a ferro rod (1.5 inch / 3.3cm long, 5/16 / .6cm diameter), a keychain and snaphook.

Snaphook body is made from one solid steel stamping and has a slot designed to accept 1" webbing for weapon slings.

Use this as a keychain, use it as a handy lanyard for flashlights, or other small items, and clip them to backpacks or hang from the roof of your tent.

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