Black Creek Labs MRX Bison Magazine - 223/5.56/300 Blk

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The MRX MAG gives the user a 20 round capacity in a magazine that is specficially designed for the MRX Supershort Action and will not fit or function in an AR15 or any other semi-auto rifle.

The MRX MAG is a double stacked, straight magazine made from a proprietary blend of polymer. The MRX MAG has extended length feed lips and a no-tilt follower design that allows ultra smooth and reliable feeding. The MRX MAG uses
“follower stop ledges” which keeps the follower from topping out, which allows the MRX Supershort bolt to be manually pushed forward when the magazine is empty and still in the rifle, which is not possible with an AR15 magazine.

  • Made of high strength polymer.
  • High Strength stainless steel spring.
  • No tilt follower design with stop ledges that prevent the follower from topping out.
  • 20 round capacity allows the magazine body to be a straight design without bullet binding.
  • Mag body shape will not allow it to fit into an AR15, but will allow for a sturdy, tight fit in the MRX Bison and MRX Jackal.


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Black Creek Labs
Black Creek Labs MRX Bison
223 Rem
300 AAC Blk

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Adam Jones on 2022 Jul 4th


    Black Creek

    Love buying a Canadian made high quality mags, and from a quality supplier with quick shipping, thank you!