Champion VisiColor Training Silhouette Target

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VisiColor™ high-visibility targets offer shooters an interactive, fun way to sight in and practice. Based on Champion’s proven VisiShot® technology, VisiColor provides multi-colored impact halos for easy identification of specific hit locations.

If you're looking to improve your reaction time and precision, hang up a new Champion VisiColor Training Silhouette target the next time you're at the range. The targets feature multiple numbers, colors and shapes to test your marksmanship and target acquisition skills. Each successful shot brings bragging rights and a burst of color.

  • Tests reflexes and target acquisition
  • Visible sight-in bullseyes on each target
  • Pop of color with each successful shot
  • 12 targets per package - 6 of each style



  • Height: 0.85"
  • Width: 13.1"
  • Length: 18.1"
  • Material: Splatter Paper

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