KAHLES the riflescope pioneer since 1898.

Established in 1898, KAHLES is the world’s oldest existing rifle scope manufacturer. Strengthened by a wealth of tradition and worldwide fame for its pioneering spirit and exceptional quality, every rifle scope and binocular combine precision and faultless operation with timeless designs and are made in Guntramsdorf near Vienna.


The KAHLES K products are high-performance rifle scopes for professional use. Ultra-precise mechanics combined with high-tech materials and maximum durability blend with perfectly matched optical components to provide extremely sharp, vivid and natural images. With their specially developed ergonomic design, unique features and user oriented reticles, these exceptional rifle scopes provide unmatched accuracy at any distance and make them the choice of discriminating professionals around the world.

Law enforcement

Defense, security and safety industries have always held the highest interests at KAHLES for decades. Even in the time of K.K. monarchy in Europe, KAHLES has been purveyor to the Imperial-Royal Army. In this specific and very precise field we have always been highly successful. This is the reason why many authorities and special forces belong to our global customer base today. They trust their work under the toughest conditions and in the most critical situations to the KAHLES precision and robust build quality.

Trust the riflescope pioneer - trust KAHLES!