Drummond Shooting Steel Target Dueling Tree (AR500)

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Have fun every time you shoot with this Canadian-made AR500 Dueling Tree. Six reactive paddles in 3/8 AR500, an extremely sturdy base, hardened steel brackets, two-bolt setup – what’s not to love? Practise shooting on your own or with a partner and improve reaction time, become more accurate and improve your overall shooting abilities. You’re sure to enjoy this AR500 Dueling Tree which we build with the same excellent quality as all our products.

  • 6″ diameter paddles in 3/8″ AR500 (6 total)
  • 48″ tall assembled
  • positive reaction of sound and movement
  • sets up with only 2 bolts
  • neon orange and black texture powder coat
  • 90 day warranty
  • manufactured in Canada

Let’s Duel.

This Dueling Tree comes with six paddles cut from 3/8″ AR500 steel. They’re 6″ in diameter and the perfect size for close to medium range shooting. Each paddle drops easily into place through two hardened steel brackets on the backside of the support post. There is a catch on the paddle arms that stops the paddle from lifting out when shot – no running back and forth, and no extra tools required!

The vertical support post is made from 1/4″ angle iron and will tolerate pistol rounds. Stray rounds tend to be deflected to either side due to the angled design, although some wear is to be expected. It leans at a 15 degree angle forward when fully seated which helps keep deflections toward the ground, and also assists in holding paddles in place. Shooters also have the option to decrease the forward-leaning angle to compensate for lighter loads and varying distances with a quick loosening of the stand bolts, then securing again once the post has been adjusted.

A sturdy base made from 3/16″ steel plate holds it all together, and setup is as simple as two 1/2″ bolts. The steel base and support post are both powder coated to help prevent rusting. We wouldn’t leave you hanging dirty.

Like Some Competition?

Six reactive paddles create a fast-paced shooting experience that challenges shooters’ target acquisition time and accuracy. Paddles swing side to side and can be used in a game where two shooters try to get all the paddles to the opposite side before the challenger does. When shooting alone, slowly build speed and practise shooting in different sequences to improve overall skills.


Although this Dueling Tree’s paddles are made from 3/8″ AR500, the support post is mild steel and would be damaged if hit with rifle rounds. We therefore recommend using only pistol calibers.

Men Don’t Read Instructions.

Tools required: 3/4″ wrench

Assemble the 4 legs by laying them on the ground, long legs facing forward and short ones behind. Orient the feet towards the ground, and line up legs so the holes match up. The legs will create an X shape when aligned correctly. Insert the two supplied bolts through the holes, passing through all the legs. Secure lock washer and nut, but keep loose.

Separate either side (left/right) to leave a gap in the centre for the vertical post. Grab vertical post, tilt backward (roughly 45 degrees) and slot between the left/right legs, back slot over rear bolt first, then tilt forward to slot in over the front bolt. Start to tighten securing bolts and adjust vertical post angle as desired. Full tilt forward of 15 degrees is recommended. Ensure bolts are completely tightened before shooting.

Paddles slot into place by aligning the catch on paddle stem with notches on the brackets. Simply insert top down past the first notch, rotate to align with the second, and seat the paddle fully into the bracket. Repeat for remaining paddles.

Don’t forget to read all safety information prior to use. Shoot Safe, Have Fun!

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