Drummond Speed Stand

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The Speed Stand is designed to work with both our AR500 Steel Targets and 2/3 IDPA Steel Targets. All-steel construction offers a stable foundation perfect for quick shooting and rapid followup shots. A built-in downward angle helps maintain a safe shooting environment while reducing the forces of bullet impact, prolonging your target’s life. Hard-mount or allow your target to swing by removing a secondary set of mounting bolts. Sturdy, easy setup, built-in downward angle, static and dynamic mounting options: it’s the perfect complement to your steel target setup.

  • all-steel construction
  • easy setup
  • works with our AR500 gong and 2/3 IDPA target (*both sold seperatley)
  • hardware included
  • black textured powder coat
  • 90 day warranty
  • manufactured in Canada

We’ve Got You Covered

Whether your goal is to practise shooting up close and personal, longer distances, or anywhere in between, the Speed Stand is a great solution. Starting from the base, four independant points of contact with the ground provide a stable foundation upon which to mount AR500 steel targets. This proves very useful when setting up the Speed Stand on uneven terrain, especially when compared with H-style stands.

No matter the distance, a built-in downward angle is crucial in providing safer spalling direction as well as minimizing bullets’ energy at the point of impact. For close range shooting this is especially relevant. The Speed Stand is designed to give users the option to leave their target hard mounted, or to remove the rear set of bolts to allow some movement. Regardless of the configuration the target face will remain at a downward angle.

By maintaining the same bolt spacing on our AR500 gong and 2/3 IDPA steel target, users can shoot whichever style target they prefer. Swapping back and forth is as easy as two nuts & bolts.

How Do I Set This Up?

Step-by-step assembly instructions complete with images are included with the Speed Stand.

Our Speed Stand is an excellent option for mounting your 2/3 IDPA steel target or AR500 gong. It is a compact and easy-to-use stand that sets up in minutes. Assemble the base by bolting the lower 2×4″ receptacle to the base plate, then insert all four steel tube legs. Use a piece of 2×4″ wood† as the vertical post†† and insert into lower receptacle, then tighten locking bolt on the rear side. With the locking bolts facing the same direction, place upper hub onto 2×4″ post at the desired height (usually near the top) and secure the locking bolt. Slot the arms into the upper hub. Line up the target backer plate to the holes on the arms and bolt in place*. Leave only the outermost bolts in place if swinging movement is desired, and use all four bolts if hard mounting is required. Mount your IDPA target or AR500 gong** to the target backer with carriage bolts.

† Wood not included.
†† Setups with vertical posts taller than 40″ are more prone to movement than shorter posts, especially when using higher caliber rounds and when using the heavier IDPA target. To keep movement to a minimum, maintain a lower overall target height as needed.
* Speed Stand comes with nyloc nuts which require wrenches to tighten. If you prefer to use regular nuts you may do so, however, loosening will occur and it’s not recommended.
** Targets sold separately.

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