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Drummond Speed Stand 2 Guard Plate

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You enjoy the ease of using a 2×4″ for your stand vertical and want to make each piece last longer. No problem. This AR500 Guard Plate is designed to minimize damage to your post and greatly extend the time between replacements. By overlapping just above the bottom line of your target, and covering the spall zone below, your next trip to the lumber store is a long ways away.

  • 3/8″ AR500 armour steel (comes with bolts)
  • protects against spalling and low shots
  • extends the life of 2×4 posts
  • made for use with Speed Stand 2
  • black texture powder coat
  • manufactured in Canada


Simple Installation
Setting up the AR500 Guard is quick and easy. Determine your preferred target mounting height and mark the level of the bottom edge on your wood post. Place the guard plate one inch above that line to create overlap, mark the holes and drill the post (1/2″ or 5/8″ drill bit required). Bolt the plate to your post, step back and enjoy a longer-lasting target stand.

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