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DURAMAG Stainless Steel XCR Pistol Magazine - 308 Win, 10 Rounds

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Hard-hitting calibers demand serious magazines. DURAMAG SS™ SR25 pattern mags are made of laser-welded 410 Stainless Steel and protected with T-360™ - applied coating. This is a magazine that can withstand the test of time. The DURAMAG SS™ AR10- compatible magazine is the choice for Military units across the world.


  • 410 STAINLESS STEEL body is overbuilt for hard use
  • LIPLOCK™ technology keeps rounds secured and in proper alignment
  • ADVANCED GEOMETRY FOLLOWER™ remains level for consistent feeding
  • T-360™ total coating technology covers the entire magazine, inside and out
  • EVERFLEX™ anti-fatigue spring technology ensures long life and ultimate reliability
  • POST & HOLE™ adds strength, durability and robotically welded precision


The weakest link in polymer magazines is one invisible to the naked eye. Polymer magazines have a strong affinity to attract moisture and will absorb it into their molecular structure when exposed to ambient air. This moisture within the polymer reacts constantly with surrounding environmental factors. The vapor pressure within the polymer increases to equal the vapor pressure of the surrounding environment until equilibrium occurs. This is referred to as polymer moisture equilibrium or PME.

When an environment of hot and dry air surrounds a wet hygroscopic polymer element, the vapor within polymer exits to the atmosphere, drying out the polymer. In other words, the polymer becomes dry and will deform from its original design and lose its flexibility. The opposite is also true, when the moisture within the polymer is cooled near or below the freezing point, the moisture within the polymer will freeze and the polymer will crack. There have been countless reports of polymer magazines shattering when dropped on a hard surface. Aluminum and stainless steel do not have an affinity for moisture. Any moisture gained through condensation or immersion remains on the surface and is easily removed via evaporation or simply wiping it off. No moisture is absorbed into the metal.

Further protection is provided by the C Products Defense proprietary coating T-360™, which bonds at the molecular level and will never wear off. The T-360™ coating process also decreases friction and increases lubricity inside and out. The result is that even when using the dirtiest ammunition,  DURAMAG™ magazines will effectively resist dirt or dust accumulation, allowing flawless operation and reliability.

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308 Win
Robinson XCR

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Darren on 2021 Nov 1st


    Duramags 308 win

    Excellent quality, metal, not plastic like a lot of mags. work like a charm. will purchase again