Hornady Custom International 308 Win, 180 gr, SP InterLock Ammunition

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Loaded with legendary Hornady® InterLock®, GMX®, or ETX® bullets, and chambered in the most popular European calibers, Custom International™ is a tried-and-true collection of versatile, proven loads for the global hunter. Hard-hitting performance puts game down quickly, ensuring minimal tracking and clean, humane kills.

Conventional powders, with low muzzle flash, loaded to traditional velocities achieve exceptional performance in a wide variety of firearms. High quality brass offers reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, hardness, and dimensional consistency.


Make your hunting experience a tradition you can count on, with Custom International™ ammunition!

Hornady® Bullets
Available in a wide variety of hunting calibers, Custom International™ ammunition is loaded with InterLock®, GMX®, or ETX® bullets, providing an all-around line of hunting ammunition for your preferred shooting experience.

Expansion and Penetration
An industry leader and customer favorite, Custom International™ ammunition balances expansion and penetration and is well-suited to medium and large sized game.

Ballistic Efficiency
Most Custom International™ loads feature bullets with a secant ogive design. This pioneering profile, developed by Hornady,® creates the optimum blend of ballistic efficiency and bearing surface for flatter shooting and less drag.


MPN 80993
Package Quantity 20


Cartridge 308 Winchester
Bullet 180 gr SP InterLock®
Product Line Custom International™
Muzzle Velocity 792 m/s
Muzzle Energy 3663 J
Sectional Density .271
Ballistic Coefficient .452 (G1)
Minimum Recommended Twist Rate -
Application Medium Game (50-300 lbs)
Large Game (300-1500 lbs)


Extra Information

Custom International
308 Win
180 gr
SP Interlock