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M*CARBO KelTec SUB2000 Aluminum Trigger & Guard Precision Match Set

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M*CARBO 19963332232

Put a real aluminum trigger on your KelTec SUB2000 that won't flex! The factory plastic molded trigger has a tendency to flex further towards the rear with each pull of the trigger. Any unnecessary flex, play or wobble in critical components such as the trigger will reduce the shooters ability to get the most accuracy out of the firearm. These factory KelTec SUB2000 trigger problems have a real impact on shooter performance.  This type of plastic trigger flex will allow the shooter to over pull on the trigger and likely throw their shot inhibiting their ability to get the most accuracy desired out of their KelTec SUB2000.

The KelTec SUB2000 aluminum trigger & trigger guard precision match set is CNC machined to tighter tolerances over the factory plastic molded parts that are prone to wear and extreme play/wobble over time.

The major advantage to the custom KelTec SUB2000 trigger replacement is that it won’t flex like the plastic trigger. Another advantage is the wider smooth blade on the trigger with no mold line hump in the middle like the factory plastic molded trigger.

  • Precision Match Set includes SUB-2000 Aluminum Trigger & Aluminum Trigger Guard Upgrade
  • Tighter Machined Tolerances that are Paired as a Match Set to provide Immediate Improvement over the factory plastic molded parts that are prone to wear extreme play/wobble.


Do you want a Curved or Flat Trigger?
Both M*CARBO trigger options for your KelTec SUB2000 are the same overall length and width.  Ultimately it comes down to where you prefer your finger placement on the Trigger.

  1. If you prefer to place your finger as low as possible on the trigger to give you more leverage, then the FLAT TRIGGER is what we would recommend for you.
  2. If you prefer a more traditional finger placement more toward the center of the trigger, then the CURVED TRIGGER is what we would recommend for you.
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