Booking the Gallery Range

​Day Passes:

  • Adult Weekday: $40
  • Adult Weekday: $30 (groups of ten or more)
  • Youth Weekday: $20
  • All day passes are $60 on weekends and holidays.
  • For groups of more than six people, we provide a complimentary group booking package.
  • Average time spent is 1-2 hours depending on group size.

Average per Person Cost

  • Weekday: $70-$90
  • Weekend: $80-$120
  • If emailing for same day booking, it is best to call the store at (403) 451-1777.

Booking the Cinema Range

  • Day passes are not required.
  • The Cinema range costs $240 an hour or $60 per 15-minute interval.
  • Cinema range bookings require 24 hours advanced notice.
  • Bookings are subject to availability of trained range staff.

Firearm Rental and Ammo Prices

  • Firearm rentals are $10 per package of ammunition.
  • Ammunition prices vary, depending on caliber.
  • Most handgun calibers come in 50 round packs.
  • Most rifle calibers come in 20 round packs.
  • Most shotgun ammo come 5 round packs.
  • CSC rental firearms may only shoot the ammunition purchased at the time of rental.

If you do not possess a valid firearms license we require a minimum of two participates to attend; we do NOT allow single, unlicensed persons to try shooting. If anyone wishing to try shooting is under the age of 18, we require the parent to be present to sign the waiver and provide ID. After which, so long as a person accompanies the youth is over 18, the parent is free to leave. 

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse service due to any safety concerns.


We recommend you book your event ahead of time and email to reserve your spot on the range.

For same-day or next-day bookings, we recommend calling the store at +1 (403) 451-1777.