BIOC 6" Ferro Rod with Paracord Loop

BIOC 6" Ferro Rod with Paracord Loop

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BIOC - Large 6” Ferrocerium Fire Starter with 550 Paracord Lanyard and Striker


Be prepared with this large, bushcraft quality ferro rod.  The larger size substantially increases the amount of sparks thrown and contributes to a much longer service life, lasting for 1000’s of strikes. The larger size also makes it much more comfortable in the hand and therefore easier to use

The included 550 Paracord lanyard is woven from 15 feet of cord that can be unraveled in emergency situations to provide much needed heavy duty cordage.  The Paracord also includes a reflective thread intended to help locate the ferro rod in low light situations

Advantages of Ferro Rods;


  • Reliable - not affected by water
  • Unlike gas lighters that often fail or produce low, easily extinguishable flames, in extreme cold a ferro rod will continue to work the same and produce unfailing sparks
  • Throws extremely hot sparks capable of igniting tinder easily (3000°C / 5400°F)
  • Does not leak or weep fuel as can happen with zippo or bic style lighters
  • Is odorless, does not introduce telltale scents to betray your location in hunting situations
  • Is a reliable and easy way to start camp stoves and other gas appliances, even in windy situations
  • One large ferro rod will virtually last a lifetime


Keep one next to your fireplace, one in your backpack and one with your camping gear. Never find yourself without a fire option again with these quality ferro firestarters

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