BIOC Survival Paracord Slings

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Enjoy this rugged stylish 550 Paracord rifle sling that functions ideally for carrying your firearm while also acting as an emergency supply of Paracord.  The sleek design is both attractive and comfortable on the shoulder.  This sling will not leave you short, it can be adjusted from a minimum length of 36 inches to a generous length of 44.5 inches allowing you to shoulder your firearm over the biggest parka or other cold weather gear you may need.

Braided from 40 feet of 550 Paracord, this sling can be unraveled to provide much needed heavy duty cordage in emergency survival situations.  Each sling comes equipped with a set of our all steel constructed quick attach / detach swivels allowing you to quickly and easily interchange slings to meet your specific shooting or hunting situation. 

The sling comes in many colors, ranging from traditional black and OD green to various winter camouflage variations; it also comes in hot and stylish colors for those competitive or recreational shooters.  Add that ‘pop’ to your firearm, crossbow or Airsoft rifle with your own unique color scheme.