Blk Lbl Integrated Bipod Handguard

Blk Lbl Integrated Bipod Handguard

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The Most Radical New-Concept Bipod Ever
No more top-heavy tendencies with attached optics. No more cumbersome attachments cluttering up the hand guard. No more catching bipod legs on underbrush or clothing. Never again have to decide whether to attach or pack a bipod ‘just in case.’ BLK LBL™ is here.

Balanced. Intuitive. Integrated. When deployed, the BLK LBL™ Bipod’s innovative and durable barrel-through design provides exceptional stability, while the ball and socket joint provides fluid movement for improved target acquisition and accuracy. When stowed the bipod’s folding legs lie flush with the hand guard offering unrestricted hand positions when you need to shoot offhand.

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