Blue Force Gear M16 Buttstock Adapter

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Blue Force Gear

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The M16A2 Buttstock Adapter provides a sling attachment point on top of a M16 A2/A4 buttstock.  This keeps the weapon right side up during carry and prevents the weapon from dangerously flipping upside down.  The VS-A2 Adapter allows access to the cleaning kit “trap door” on the rear of the buttstock and accepts standard 1.25” wide slings such as the NSN Vickers Combat Applications Sling™. 

The M16 Buttstock Adapter can also be installed on the M14 / M1A platform and maintains the ability to use the gusseted butt plate.  

M16 Buttstock Adapter Installation on M14/M1A:

Though purpose built around the A2 buttstock, we have found that the VS-A2 will fit the M1A / M14 as shown in the above video. 

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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