Chiappa Rhino 60DS Gold Revolver

Chiappa Rhino 60DS Gold Revolver

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Chiappa Firearms

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PVD is the acronym of Physical Vapor Deposition and indicates the technology used for the deposition of thin metal films on different types of substrates. The process takes place inside vacuum chambers, where the metals to be deposited are evaporated, such as zirconium, chromium and titanium. Metal ions, thanks to the kinetic energy possessed and to the difference in potential applied to the piece to be coated, are attracted to the surface of the objects, where they condense and form the desired coating. The finish is then created through a physical process that not only gives the object characteristics superior to any other chemical or electrochemical treatment, but also guarantees a perfectly sustainable coating, with a reduced environmental impact and hypoallergenic. Advantages of PVD coating 1. Extreme surface hardness (2500/3000 HV); 2. Maximum corrosion resistance: over 1500 hours of salt fog exposure without any surface alteration (ISO9227); 3. Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, twice the galvanic chromium plating); 4. Unassailable by solvents, acids or alkalis and by anti-scale products used for domestic use;
SKU: 340.225
Type of Gun: Revolver
Caliber: 357MAG
Action: Single/Double
Barrel Length: 6"
Feeding: Manual
Trigger System: Single
Grips: Medium Walnut
Front Sight: Fixed Fiber Optic
Rear Sight: Green Fiber Optic
Sight: Adjustable
Safety: None
Weight: 2.06 lbs
Length: 10.5"
Finish: Gold
Material: Aluminum/Steel
Extraction: Manual

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