Sauer 101 Classic XT

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  • 1,82000

When you can no longer improve on technology, all that remains is to protect it better. Almost indestructible, the S 101 Classic XT has a black polymer stock that defies all weather and adverse conditions. Thanks to its Soft Touch coating, you also have secure and silent handling. Neither cold, nor wet, nor dirt will interfere with the hunter who uses the Classic XT.

  • Machined steel receiver
  • Precisely rifled barrel
    • 22 inch standard calibers
    • 24 inch magnum calibers
  • 6-Lug bolts locks directly into the barrel
  • 60° Bolt Rotation
  • DURA SAFE direct firing pin safety
  • EVER REST action bedding
  • Super crisp 2 lb trigger pull
  • Removable double-stack magazine
    • 5rd standard calibers
    • 4rd magnum calibers
  • Remington 700 scope mount pattern
  • Open iron sights

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