CRKT Gekkota Golf Divot Tool

CRKT Gekkota Golf Divot Tool

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Gekkota Golf. Here's a tool for the serious golfer that has it all in one small and lightweight package that's easy to carry around the course.

First, there's a fold-out locking divot fork with two tines. No more ruining the pockets in your golf trousers with the sharp points of a regular divot tool.

Second, there's the screwdriver and bottle opener, which can certainly come in handy on hot days on the course.

There's a magnet which holds a stainless steel ball marker.

Finally there's the stainless steel money clip, which is a great place to stash all your golf winnings.

The folding loop allows you to attach the Gekkota Golf to your golf bag with a small carabiner or clip.

This cute little Gekkota model makes an affordable and unusual gift or premium for men and women.

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