Desert Tech SRS Covert Chassis

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The Stealth Recon Scout A1 (SRS-A1) is the most versatile Sniper Rifle system in the world. It is nearly a foot shorter than conventional sniper rifles, maintains 1/2 MOA or better accuracy, and can be easily adapted to individual mission requirements by changing the weapon’s caliber and length. Whether a police sniper is shooting 50 yards or a military sniper is shooting a mile the SRS offers unrivaled flexibility in a package shorter than the M16 battle rifle.

For those that haven't seen the Desert Tech SRS A1 it is the most useful Sniper Weapon System on the planet. you can go from .223 Remington (aftermarket conversion) to the mighty .338 Lapua Magnum in minutes with conversion kits.

By using the same optic, chassis, trigger, and suppressor for all calibers; you take out the variables to producing an effective shot. This helps facilitate outstanding marksmanship without readjusting to another platform. Most who purchase The Desert Tech HTI, SRS A1 and Covert A1 rifles abandon shooting there other rifles in the same calibers. These rifles are not just accurate they are military hardened and work in the most adverse conditions on the planet from 130F' to sub 0 F' This rifle will perform either on the hunt or, field of battle, or the next competition.

This rife wins shooting competitions on a regular basis because of its superior weight distribution of 50/50 and can be shot offhand without the nose dive and muscle support of a heavy barreled conventional rifle, where most of the weight is hanging off the front end. Many of our customers shoot regularly out to 1 mile!!! some even doing it with the .260 Remington. While Desert Tech claims their rifles shoot 5 round sub 1/2" groups at 100 yards we have personally shot and and have had reports from our customers shooting sub 1/2 " at 200 yards. These are not wait for your barrel to completely cool groups are groups shot in less than a minute.

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