DP-12 Stiletto Tactical Breacher Extended Choke Tube

DP-12 Stiletto Tactical Breacher Extended Choke Tube

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Standard Manufacturing

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Take a look at this shocking DP-12 Stiletto Choke Tube from Standard Manufacturing! This wicked looking extended choke tube doesn't just look cool, it maximizes the potential of breaching rounds, buckshot and rifled slugs while minimizing recoil. This means you will be able to put more shots on target faster! The deeply and sharply crenulated muzzle will give you the ultimate standoff tool with a fantastic surface grip. Made of the same durable steel materials, this True-Choke pattern extended choke tube was specifically made for your double barrel pump action DP12! 

Please Note: This package contains one choke only.

Specifications and Features:
Standard Manufacturing Stiletto Tactical Choke DP1990 
Tactical Style Breaching Choke Tube 
Extended Choke 
Crenulated Muzzle 
Tru-Choke Thread Pattern 

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