Robinson Arms XCR-L Keymod Black LW Rifle

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  • 2,79900

The XCR is a fully modular rifle with both models featuring a quick change caliber conversion to any caliber in which that model is available in. With the L-series: .223/.300 Blackout using Standard AR magazine and 7.62x39/6.8 SPC using 7.62 AR magazines (made by Robinson Armament and Armalite). With the M-Series using SR25/Pmag magazines (made by Robinson Armament, MagPul and DPMS).

Both XCR models features a fully adjustable stock that not only folds by is adjustable for both length and height.  These rifles also feature a non-reciprocating charging handle, enhanced two-stage trigger and heavy duty components such as a sturdy oprod, a beefy three-lug bolt, a locking extractor, and a fixed ejector.  These elements and others ensure reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

All current models come with the Key-Mod hand guard..

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