Safariland ALS Guard

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The Safariland Model 6006 ALS guard is an option used on ALS Concealment Holsters for additional security. With it, a primary lock must be disengaged before access can be gained to the Automactic Locking system lever on the holster.

Similar to a smaller version of the SLS Hood, the ALS Guard is pressed forward, exposing the ALS lever which can then be unlocked by the normal draw of the hand just as with any ALS holster. The Model 6006 can be retrofitted onto existing ALS concealment models.

Currently in stock for all 7000 series holsters 

Safariland 6006 ALS Guard Features:

• Additional security for ALS Concealment Holsters
• Covers ALS Lever to prevent any accidental or unauthorized use
• Can be retrofitted onto existing ALS Concealment Holsters
• Right & Left hand
• Color: Black

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