Seiner T5XI 1-5x24mm 5.56mm

Seiner T5XI 1-5x24mm 5.56mm

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The new T5Xi Series brings unmatched clarity, accuracy and self-assurance to any situation, from combat to competition. Precise German engineering, rugged U.S. construction, slick Never-Los turrets, and new SCR reticle gives you the victor's edge in close-quarter battle, mid and long-range shooting. The T5Xi 1-5x24 is designed as a close-combat scope. It features a 30 mm tube, 3-Gun Tactical Reticle (3TR) calibrated in 5.56 or 7.62, with true 1x eyes-open capability for situational awareness and 5x power to engage distant targets. Select model 5101 for 5.56 rounds, or 5102 for 7.62 rounds

Features & Design

  • One-Piece 30mm Tube increases strength and reliability
  • All Metal Magnification Ring is angled so the shooter can see his magnification setting while positioned directly behind the scope.
  • Large, Easy-to-Grip knobs for positive, non-slip adjustment of the diopter, reticle and parallax settings.
  • Second Rotation Indicator shows each mil or elevation through the indicator window on the elevation turret.
  • Locking Dioptor that prevents accidental rotation of the diopter.
  • Consistent Eye Relief and a generous eye box throughout the magnification range
  • Throw Lever / Lens Covers that allow quick, easy magnification changes
  • Tenebraex covers protect the lenses from dust and moisture.

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