Winchester Commemoratives Book European Edition By Tom Troland

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This is the new edition of volume 1 of 1985 absolutely identical in every way but this is the only European edition published in 2003.

Immediately sold out at the publisher in the US since its year of publication and never going to be reissued.

Only 500 copies printed as a special order

Printed in English and is near identical to the Vol. 1 with brown cover.

22.44cmx29cm, 184 pages.  Connected and beautifully illustrated heavy and glossy white paper. Superb cover very thick blue, decorated with gold embossed logo WINCHESTER and under jacket colors.

Each memorial is photographed in color on glossy double-page presentation with all commemorative Winchester (100 models meadows) since the first model of 1964 WYOMING DIAMOND JUBILEE until 1986 with the models TEXAS Sesquicentennial.                                                   

Details of each weapon, characteristics, historical commemoration, production date, amount originally planned and actually produced, original price etc ..

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