Sentinel Canada SENT-CLP EE Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative for Weapons

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Lubricant, Cleaner and Preservative for Weapons and Weapons Systems

SENT-CLP EE meeting military specification (Milspec) MIL-PRF-63460E (4), is a highly penetrating liquid lubricant especially formulated to combine in one product the functions of cleaning, lubricating and preserving weapons systems of all calibers.

SENT-CLP EE contains select additives providing effective removal of built-up dirt, fouling, and firing residues usually considered abrasive to recoil and gas operating systems. The product also has the ability to form a preservative film layer on metallic surfaces displacing water and ensuring outstanding protection against corrosion, rust and dirt. This unique formulation uses the most advanced technology additives providing outstanding film strength and anti-wear properties, reducing friction between moving parts and build-up of wear debris.

The effectiveness of SENT-CLP EE has been proven not only in ordnance use not only in weapons maintenance but also in a wide variety of other applications including aviation, marine, automotive, and the general maintenance of industrial equipment.

SENT-CLP EE is battlefield proven and formulated to meet the requirements of cleaning, lubricating and preserving large and small caliber weapons under severe climate conditions from -65°F to +150°F (in a single product). Contains no ozone depleting compounds.


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NSN 9150-01-102-1473 9150-01-079-6124 9150-01-054-6453 9150-01-327-9631 9150-01-053-6688
Size 1/2 oz 4 oz 1 pt 1 liter 1 gallon
NATO Code: S-758 S-758 S-758 S-758 S-758


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