TANDEMKROSS "Shadow" Mount V2.0 - Ruger 10/22

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At a glance:

  • Mounts sight to the receiver, reducing the overall height
  • Reversible for custom optic placement in both forward and rear mounting positions
  • Unique sight mount design allows for use with many different optics

Mount a variety of popular optics and sights to your Ruger® 10/22® with the completely redesigned “Shadow” Mount V2.0! The updated “Shadow” Mount design mounts many optics straight to the 10/22® receiver - no need for a picatinny rail and clamp.

Whether you’re using a Vortex®, Trijicon®, Burris®, Holosun or another optic, the “Shadow” Mount V2.0 unique screw pattern will mount your sight to your 10/22® rifle. This 10/22® sight mount is also reversible with most optics, allowing you to mount your sight in a forward or rear position.

This mount comes with all necessary hardware - including screws, dowel pins, and gaskets. Please use the compatibility chart below to learn more about use with a variety of optics as well as the hardware needed to mount each sight.

TANDEMKROSS Ruger 10/22 "Shadow" Mount V2.0 Compatibilty Chart

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