Unique Alpine JPR-1 Nordland Scout Rifle

Unique Alpine

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$2,289.00 - $3,059.00
$2,289.00 - $3,059.00


Our Nordland Scout with extended workspace. The extended Picatinny rail allows for mounting of thermal/night vision attachments. Be prepared for day and night.

For the JPR-1 Nordland we used our experience producing precision rifles and combined it with perfect ergonomics. Harnessing the highest precision, the JPR-1 series combines proven and new technologies with traditional attributes of firearm manufacturing.

The result: firearms, which are thought through to the last detail and focusing on the absolute essential according to function and useableness’.

Due to the latest production processes and specialized solutions, we are able to create and offer you a perfect firearm made out of innovative materials and technologies. So you receive the ultimate equipment – necessary for your success even under adverse conditions.

This firearm with all its opportunities is achievable not only for experienced, but also for young hunters. 

  • Primary Extraction
    The extraction starts with the rotation of the bolt. Stuck cases are a thing of the past, easy removal and safe ejection of the case or cartridge is ensured under all conditions.

  • Controlled Feeding
    The cartridge is pushed under the extractor claw and held there during feeding. As a result, a safe and trouble-free feeding of the cartridge into the chamber is achieved in every possible weapon position.

  • Controlled Ejection
    The case is held in the ejection process by the extractor claw until it is ejected by the fixed ejector. Depending on the bolt velocity, the case drops or flies out of the action. This allows a situation-dependent ejection.

  • 3-Position-Safety
    The safety has three positions: „fire”, “safe” and „safe + locked“. The safety acts directly on the striker therefor an accidental discharge as a result of a broken sear is impossible.

  • 3-Lug-Bolt
    Robust and reliable locking through three load bearing lugs machined from special high strength steel. The resulting 60° bolt throw allows for fast and reliable operation under all conditions.

  • Match Grade Trigger
    The match grade trigger can be precisely adjusted to your wishes. It has a outstanding, crisp characteristic for optimal trigger control.

  • Muzzlethread
    All rifles of the JPR and UPG series feature a threaded muzzle.

  • Opening Angle
    The small opening angle of 60 ° allows fast cycling.

  • Stock
    GRS Berserk
    The Berserk stock has all the adjustability you need for cheek piece and length of pull. The rubberized ergonomic grip and fore-end connect you with your rifle in a way you have never felt before. 100% control. This makes you able to get in the crosshairs faster and take quick accurate shots. 


SKU ISS4179 22366
MPN 10001970 10001053
Magazine 10 round AICS pattern magazine 10 round AICS pattern magazine
Barrel Heavy Match Barrel with muzzle thread 5/8-24 UNEF Heavy Match Barrel with muzzle thread 5/8-24 UNEF
Caliber 308 Win 308 Win
Deduction Two-stage trigger, Adjustable, 0,9 kg - 2,5 kg Two-stage trigger, Adjustable, 0,9 kg - 2,5 kg
Barrel Length 12,5“ (318 mm) 16,5“ (419 mm)
Optics Interface STANAG 4694 (Picatinny, compatible with Mil. Spec. 1913) STANAG 4694 (Picatinny, compatible with Mil. Spec. 1913)
Total Length 59.2cm 91cm
Weight   4,2 kg
Stock FDE GRS Berserk FDE GRS Berserk

* Optics and mounting solutions not included.


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Unique Alpine
Action Type:
308 Win