Ballistol GunCer Gun Grease With Ceramic Additive


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With the addition of a special ceramic additive and a wide temperature range -50 °C to +150 °C, Guncer Gun Grease offers the highest wearing and corrosion protection for treated components. For lubricating all tribological hearings, such as breech guidereals, rollers, detents, locking, lugs, hinge, bolts, and as a screwed and pinned connection fitting device. Also ideal as a screw-in-choke fitting lubricant. It is neutral towards plastic, paint, wood and browning. The white odourless special grease is resin and acid-free and does not contain PTFE or silicone. Emergency running properties are ensured by the ceramic additive. Very Good adhesion without sticking or resinifying!

Use of GunCer Gun Grease
Clean all components thoroughly prior to applying the grease. For this, you are best to use Robla Cold Degreaser. GunCer Gun Grease is applied sparingly to the clean components. Use the dosing tip or a small brush to distribute the grease. The applied grease gradually absorbs the oil contained and thus ensures a long-lasting lubrication. The ceramics contained extends the lubricity with screw-in chokes, GujCer Gun Grease prevents the thread from seizing up on the choke and the shotgun. Soot particles can no longer penetrate the thread and the choke can be unscrewed without any problem.


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