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Beretta A300 Ultima Black Synthetic Shotgun


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The Beretta A300 Ultima is the latest in the reliable A300 series of shotguns. This new line will be available in both 12 and 20 gauge configurations with all new standard features and updated aesthetics that bring an attractive modern Beretta look to the A300 series. Maintaining the base operating system of the A300 series, the new Ultima line features enhanced user interfaces and recoil reduction technology that allows for Beretta to confidently state that the A300 Ultima is the best shotgun in its class. The new A300 Ultima Black Synthetic stock adds a soft touch comb and included Kick-Off recoil reduction technology, which allows for recoil mitigation never before seen at this price point.


SKU ISS3611 ISS3612
MPN J32TT18 J32TT28
Gauge 12 20
Barrel Length 71 cm / 28 in 71 cm / 28 in
Chamber 76 mm / 3 in 76 mm / 3 in
Choke MobilChoke MobilChoke
Historical N N
Rib 7x7 7x7


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Action Type:
12 Gauge
20 Gauge