BIOC 550 Paracord Survival Rifle Sling w/ Firestarter

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Designed and tested by real hunters in real conditions, these new 550 Paracord Survival Rifle Slings have seen a number of enhancements that separate them from anything on the market today.  The new tighter, stronger and wider weave allows the user to pack 50 feet of emergency Paracord while still maintaining a flexible and comfortable sling.  At 1 3/8” across these are one of the widest Paracord slings you will find anywhere. The new weave was specifically chosen to remove the chance of the cord separating over time.  New wider weaving was added to the buckles and swivels completely removing the possibility of the Paracord shifting to one side or the other while cleaner/heavier stitching reinforces the adjustable strap to ensure strength in every component. 

The Gen III sling now comes equipped with an even larger ferro rod that is centered in the weave, rather than attached, and allows better access for emergency fire-starting without interference from the Paracord itself.  The larger ferro rod affords the user better sparking capabilities and a longer service life.

As with previous versions of this sling you are provided with a generous overall adjustable length from 36 to almost 45 inches, making the heaviest of winter parkas no challenge.  These GEN III slings would not be complete without including our tried and true heavy duty all-steel constructed quick attach / detach sling swivels equipped with stainless steel springs.

If you’re serious about multi-purpose gear and are looking for the best in a 550 Paracord Survival Slings then you need to check out these new GEN III 550 Pararcord Survival Rifle Slings designed and sold by BIOC.

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