Blade-Tech Velocity Competition Speed Belt - Nylon, Black

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When it comes to competition gear, you need the best to be in the running. Blade-Tech consulted with our sponsored shooters to engineer a belt that is perfectly suited for the sport. This is a customer favorite for IDPA. The Velocity Competition Speed Belt features two ultra-sturdy HDPE reinforced belts with nylon webbing that boast 4,000-pound tensile strength. This belt will never falter under the weight of even the heaviest competition gear. Industrial grade Velcro backing allows you to layer the two halves of the belt (one holding all your gear, the other serving as a base) to create an easy-on, easy-off set up that is fully secured in place with the Blade-Tech belt keeper. Carry Confident™ in every competition with the Velocity Competition Speed Belt.



  • Reinforced - Boasts 4,000-Pound Tensile Strength
  • Easy-On / Easy-Off
  • Industrial Grade Velcro Backing
  • HDPE Reinforcement Strips
  • Blade-Tech Belt Keeper
  • 1.5" in Width

What's Included

  • 1x Inner Belt (Base)
  • 1x Outer Belt (Gear)
  • 1x Belt Keeper

Extra Information