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Blue Force Gear GMT Sling

Blue Force Gear

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The GMT Sling – Give Me Tail
Blue Force Gear revolutionized the tactical sling industry when we introduced our famous VCAS captured tail design. Now we are doing it again. The GMT sling addresses the deficiencies found in legacy designs for those who prefer a tail sling. At BFG “Always Better” isn’t a marketing slogan, it’s a way of life. If we can’t make something better, we don’t make it. The GMT is better and now it’s available to you.

  • Always Better®
    Legacy tail slings suffer from two major deficiencies. First, metal adjustment buckles that rust, break and damage other gear. These buckles also have springs that often fail leaving the sling useless. Next is the inferior thin webbing used with these buckles. This thin webbing is required to allow the buckle to adjust but it’s also uncomfortable as it cut into the user’s neck and shoulders while simultaneously becoming a major snag hazard on surrounding equipment.

  • Double Locking Sling Adjuster
    The GMT sling uses a custom double locking buckle interface designed and manufactured specifically for this application from durable and rust free glass-filled nylon. This adjuster provides consistent tension when both tightening and loosening the sling. Once set, it doesn’t move until you want it to. Over two years in the design and development phase, this adjuster is the heart of the GMT sling. Pull on the tail to tighten, grasp and pull the spherical release knob to loosen. A sewn in stop at the end of the tail keeps the sling from coming apart and releasing your weapon.

  • Legacy slings utilize an outdated ALICE Pack adjuster
    Legacy slings utilize an ALICE Pack strap adjuster (from the 1960’s) which maintains tension via a spring that is prone to failure. This results in having to tie a knot in the webbing to keep the sling from coming apart. The adjuster release is also prone to snagging on other equipment and releasing tension allowing the sling to loosen at the worst times. There is a reason the US Military discontinued using this adjuster on their gear.

  • Superior webbing makes the difference
    The thin, flat nylon required to work with the ALICE adjuster is what makes it a terrible choice as a sling material. Thin and flat webbing can abrade and even cut skin under tension as well as being prone to snagging on other objects. The BFG proprietary solution dyed CORDURA® nylon webbing used for the GMT sling has more “loft” (thickness and softness) than traditional sling materials. This makes it especially suited for a sling application since it works well with the adjuster under tension and is also comfortable against the skin under load. Importantly, the same loft that makes the material a great choice also makes it less likely to be a snag hazard.

  • Low quality material = Big problems
    The thin, flat nylon used in legacy tail slings is prone to going the worst places at the worst times. Between a mag and magwell? Seen it. In front of the optic? Seen that too. Behind the trigger? Show stopper. BFG has seen it and that’s why we spent the effort to identify and spec this specific webbing for the GMT sling. It reduces, but doesn’t eliminate, the chances of the free tail going where it shouldn’t. If the mere thought of a snag hazard is an issue to you, look into our proven captured tail VCAS sling.

  • Attachment Hardware Sold Separately
    The GMT sling attaches directly to standard sling swivels via the included triglides. Additional hardware is available such as push-button swivels, ULoops, UWL’s and other options.


Compatibility 1" Webbing: recomended for ultralight weight rifle builds, sub machine guns, or pistol caliber carbines.
1.25" Webbing: Assualt Rifles, Shotguns and other Rifles
Installation Secured with triglides through swivels, loops or combined with sling hardware
Size 1.00” sling webbing
1.25” sling webbing
Hardware Build Nylon hardware: glass reinforced DuPont Zytel® Nylon
Sling Build Invista solution dyed CORDURA® webbing
Length 54” - 64”


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