FAMAE SG540-1M Rifle

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Well it took long enough but we have finally received the details on the proposed FAMAE rifle production, things move slowly in Chile and we wanted to ensure we had accurate details before passing anything along.

We have attached drawings of the rifles to be produced. Each will ship with a picatinny quad rail, side folding adjustable stock, flip up sights, and two magazines. Note the bipod and optics shown are not included. The SG543 (5.56mm) is restricted, the SG540 (5.56mm) and 542 (7.62x51mm) are non restricted. The SG540 and SG543 will accept STANAG magazines. The SG542 uses a proprietary magazine. Please note that no other options are available on this order. All rifles will be black. While we will be ordering in parts and accessories to support these rifles, we have not yet received pricing and cannot yet take pre orders. CSC does have many repair parts in stock and we have experience in repairing the FAMAE series of rifles. We will warranty the rifles we sell and do the warranty work right here in Calgary.

Here is the bad news. The guaranteed price for these rifles is $3299 and the expected delivery date is July 2022.  Due to the long production lag and the uncertainty of the Canadian gun laws there is some risk that these rifles may be prohibited before they are shipped. Furthermore FAMAE requires a significant minimum order to consider production. As such we are forced to require a $1000 deposit on each rifle ordered. All deposits must be paid by 15 June 2021.Once paid the deposit will be non refundable until the rifles arrive in Canada. At that point if you wish a refund it can be arranged. If the rifles are prohibited before arriving in Canada all deposits will be forfeit. If we do not achieve minimum order quantities by 15 June any deposits paid will be returned and the project cancelled. We appreciate that this exposes the purchasers to some risk, but this project is only feasible if that risk is shared between our business and the customer. We must pay up front for these rifles and we can not afford to risk the entire amount.


SKU 22808
MPN SG540-1M
Cartridge 5.56x45mm
Magazine STANAG
Barrel Twist 1:7"
Colour Black


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