Kwik Klip Remington 700 Magazine Conversion - Long Action

Kwik Klip

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Kwik Klip Magazine Conversion

The most important accessory for your bolt action rifle.

  • Detachable steel box magazine snaps instantly and securely into place.
  • Makes rifle easy to load even with gloved or cold hands.
  • Eliminates working rounds through action when unloading.
  • Eliminates jams and bullet damage which can occur with conventional feeding of rounds.
  • Superb fit and finish maintains rifles classic appearance.
  • Patented one-touch operation works in right or left hand actions and standard or heavy barrel models.


Easily convert your top loading bolt action rifle for fast and easy loading.

The Kwik Klip system is easy to instal in minutes, and is much safer to use than conventional methods.  The Kwik Klip 700 makes feeding smootherand completely reliable with our patented center-bore feeding design.

Kwik Klip magazines provide instant firepower when you need it.  And they look just like part of the original rifle!

  • 25-06
  • 270
  • 7mm Exp
  • 7x57
  • 30-06
  • 7mm Mag
  • 264
  • 300 Win Mag

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