MCARBO All-In-One Pro Performance Trigger Job Bundle for KelTec SUB2000


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We highly recommend installing all of these upgrades at the same time to get the lightest trigger pull and most performance out of your SUB2000. The really nice thing about this bundle is that it includes all of the parts and tools needed to install everything at the same time rather than opening up your SUB2000 each time you want to gradually upgrade it. Not to mention it's going to shoot like a completely different pistol caliber carbine when you're finished! You just might get completely addicted to your SUB2000 after you feel the results!

The best of the best M*CARBO KelTec SUB2000 accessories in one easy bundle! Replace your factory plastic feed ramp with a 416 stainless steel feed ramp. Improved feed ramp geometry to better assist feeding rounds into the chamber. Improve feeding operations and reduce malfunctions! The KelTec SUB2000  All In One Trigger Job Bundle will reduce your trigger pull weight from a factory 9-10 lbs. to a crisp 4.75 lbs. The machined 6061 aluminum trigger will eliminate trigger flex commonly found with plastic factory trigger! It's also tumbled smooth & hard plated with black anodizing for superior strength and durability. Your aluminum trigger is paired with a precision CNC machined 6061 aluminum trigger guard as a match set! Tighter tolerances than factory plastic trigger guard to prevent wobble and more sturdy lever when folding barrel assembly.

  • KelTec SUB2000 Stainless Steel Feed Ramp
  • Firearm & Feed Ramp Polishing Kit
  • KelTec SUB2000 Performance Trigger Bar
  • KelTec SUB2000 Extended Magazine Release (GLOCK or Multi-Mag)
  • KelTec SUB2000 Trigger Spring Kit
  • KelTec SUB2000 Aluminum Trigger (Curved or Flat)
  • KelTec SUB2000 Aluminum Trigger Guard
  • KelTec SUB2000 Stainless Steel Hammer Bushing
  • KelTec SUB2000 Carbon Steel Screw Upgrade Kit
  • Set of 5 - Black Oxide Carbon Steel - Grip Pins
  • SUB-2000 Armorer's Wrench
  • SUB-2000 Assembly Dowel
  • 2 - 2.5mm Allen Keys
  • Loctite 380 "Black Max" Plastic to Metal Instant Adhesive
  • Synthetic Grease w/ PTFE Teflon Lubricity


DISCLAIMER:  This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK.  GLOCK does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with GLOCK pistols.


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  • Posted by Mark on 2023 Apr 10th


    Excellent results

    The kit really upgraded the feel and trigger pull of my S2K! No more of that “plastiky” trigger pull, crisper and more predictable break. Also, the whole feel of the cycling is smoother, possibly due to the stainless feeding ramp. Recommend watching the MCarbo video with the full tutorial for the installation.