MCARBO Ruger PC Carbine Extended Magazine Release


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  • Faster Mag Changes!
  • Easier to find without taking eyes off of target!
  • CNC Machined out of block of 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • CNC Machined 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

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    9 Reviews

  • Posted by Vince Von on 2023 Sep 28th


    No brainer upgrade 100%

    I'm giving it 4 Stars because, one trip to the range and the mag release went from black to stainless steel.. paint completely rubbed off. That's we're my complaints end though. This is a must have upgrade, was quick and easy to install, super smooth mag release, virtually effortless. If you shoot your Ruger PCC as much as I do, I Highly recommend.

  • Posted by Jacques Rioux on 2023 Apr 6th


    MCarbo Ruger PC Carbine Extended Magazine Release

    Je suis très satisfait, je le recommande. I am very satisfied.

  • Posted by Wayne on 2023 Mar 30th


    Works perfectly

    So much nicer to be able to reach up and drop the mg without having to search for the mag release button. This upgrade sticks out just enough that your thumb or finger finds it very quickly, perfect if you are doing a competition.

  • Posted by Alex Q on 2023 Mar 17th


    Small but Great

    Amazing quality of life change for the PC Carbine in such a small piece of aluminum. A must have! Great shipping speed from CSC as well.

  • Posted by Chris Kuiper on 2022 Aug 9th


    MCARBO Riger PC extended magazine release

    great upgrade to the PC. much easier and quicker to release your mag. no searching around with your finger or moving the firearm to actually see it.

  • Posted by Mike Chapman on 2022 Apr 15th


    extended mag release

    very pricey for what it is but it works fine

  • Posted by mike on 2022 Apr 9th


    makes the magazine release easy the get at

    great product for the price

  • Posted by dan on 2022 Apr 4th


    Mag release

    Nice finish, extends out nicely. Made out of aluminum not plastic like the factory OEM.

  • Posted by John on 2020 Aug 8th


    Great Fit & Finish

    Just purchased this and am very impressed with the quality and it looks fantastic as well. It is about 3X thicker than the factory mag release and makes swapping mags a breeze.