Canadian Multigun Event: Night Brutality

November 25th - 26th: Night Brutality is the only shooting competition in Canada to entirely take place at night. Taking place at the Prince George Blackwater range you and your equipment will face 8 stages with a mix of illumination. There will be separate divisions for those with Weapon lights, Night vision and no pistol to take part. So eat your Carrots and get ready for Night Brutality 2023!

What is Night Brutality?

  • Night Brutality is an achievable fun event for all not just the pros. This highly controlled safe event will allow those with night vision or a weapon light on their rifle to take part in 8 savage stages that will challenge the shooter and their knowledge of their equipment, themselves and their skills at every level. Not only will this be a competitive event but a huge learning opportunity to learn through experience and meeting a large number of others with the same passion as you. To make the event even more accessible we do not require you to have a handgun but will instead be increasing the number of hits required to be made with rifles if you don’t have one. PCCs are welcome.
  • Challenges will include making rifle hits from 0 - 200m (with room for bonus hits at 300m) and pistol hits out to 50m. Shooters will need to know their gear and how to use it during and after physical efforts. In addition shooters will need to care for their gear more so than in regular events and all equipment must be maintained on their person (no more dropping mags everywhere). Because of the nature of night shooting if you can not aim an iron sighted firearm through your night vision or if you don’t have night visible iron sights your firearm is not suitable. Group and individual effort stages will be conducted
  • This shoot will involve challenging physical activity in uncertain weather conditions (It may be cold, raining, snowing or all 3). This can include the movement of heavy objects, moving through undulating terrain at speed and more. Nice big log fires will be present.
  • The same event is being conducted on November 25th and 26th to enable more people to participate, shooters are welcome to shoot the event twice with only the first night’s scores being counted
  • Entry price: $300
  • Location: 31755 Blackwater Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2N 6H6

Click here for more details and to register for this event.

2023 Oct 12th

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