Butler Creek Blizzard Scope Cover

Butler Creek

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Protect your optic during poor weather conditions, Butler Creek Blizzard Scope Caps allow you to take the shot while keeping the weather elements off your lens. These caps feature lenses crafted of optical-grade polymers for optimum clarity and light transmission - the best of any see-through cover. The caps also provide a weather-resistant seal, ambidextrous open and close, silent, spring-loaded operation, and tested reliable in extreme conditions. Blizzard scope caps are available in multiple sizes to fit objective and ocular lenses.

  • Allows you to keep the caps closed during poor weather conditions, but still allows you to see through scope and take the shot
  • Lenses crafted of optical-grade polymers for optimum clarity and light transmission - the best of any see-through cover Creates a weather-resistant seal
  • Ambidextrous open and close
  • Silent, spring-loaded operation
  • Tested reliable in extreme conditions
  • For objective and ocular lenses


Simply the ultimate scope lens protection for hunters and shooters
Create a watertight, airtight seal lens cover you can open with a touch of a button so you can put your shot through the narrow window of opportunity in the most extreme conditions

Butler Creek: Born From Experience
Firearms and optics are investments worth protecting. Butler Creek® produces innovative, field-proven accessories that improve the shooting experience for hunters and tactical enthusiasts alike. The wide array of accessories are designed by shooters who know the value of quality and durability



SKU Model# Size Inches (mm)
3941 70201 01 1.00-1.05 25.400-26.670
1319 70202 02 1.30-1.39 33.020-35.306
1320 70203 03 1.40-1.49 35.560-37.846
1321 70204 04 1.50-1.59 38.100-40.386
1322 70205 05 1.60-1.69 40.640-42.926
1323 70206 06 1.70-1.79 43.180-45.466
5992 70207 07 1.80-1.89 45.720-48.006
1325 70208 08 1.90-1.99 48.260-50.546
1326 70209 09 2.00-2.10 50.800-53.340
1327 70210 10 2.30-2.40 58.420-60.960
1328 70211 11 2.43-2.50 61.722-63.500



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