MCARBO KelTec SUB2000 Muzzle Brake


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Precision CNC Machined KEL TEC SUB 2000 Muzzle Brake to allow your Carbine to Shoot Flatter under Rapid Fire. Works for all 9mm on any pistol or rifle barrel and especially designed as the Official KEL TEC SUB 2000 Muzzle Brake. KEL TEC SUB 2000 Muzzle Brake Reduces Felt Recoil like a Muzzle Brake and Reduces Muzzle flip like a Muzzle Compensator.

  • 9mm muzzle brake works for any 9mm barrel with 1/2"-28 threads
  • 40 cal version works for any 40 cal barrel with 9/16"-24 threads
  • Use a standard AR-15 Armorers Tool or 3/4" Wrench to Install. Use 1 or 2 layers of masking tape if you want to protect the brake from scratches.
  • Muzzle brakes come with a crush washer and we highly recommend getting the SUB-2000 Barrel Jaws for compressing the SUB-2000 Barrel in your Vise. A Vise is required with the Muzzle Brake Installation.

We took the best of both worlds and made our Custom Machined Precision KEL TEC SUB 2000 Muzzle Brake to reduce felt recoil and eliminate muzzle rise to allow more stable, accurate and controllable rapid fire!


**Warning!** Do Not Install a Crush Washer Style Muzzle Brake onto your KEL TEC SUB-2000 without a set of Barrel Jaws (not included) or you will need to send back to KEL-TEC for repair of part number 102 which is the Plastic Hinge that houses the barrel. Improperly installing a Crush Washer Style Muzzle Brake could allow the barrel to twist and snap the Plastic Hinge which houses the barrel.


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Muzzle Brake

    2 Reviews

  • Posted by David Ash on 2022 Jun 20th


    Great Look

    Bought this one because I liked the one I got for my 995 looks good and a little better muzzle control, I liked that this one (.40 cal) came with the jam nut vs the crush washer.

  • Posted by Chevy on 2021 Sep 8th


    Keltec sub 2000

    Great product