MCARBO Ruger PC Carbine Bolt Head Pins & Extractor Pin Kit


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A2 Tool Steel Pin Replacements for the stock low grade steel pins that have a tendency to wear quickly. These A2 Tool Steel Pins we're designed to last a Lifetime!

Custom CNC Machined Ruger PC Carbine Accessories designed to prevent Ruger PC Carbine Problems that could occur if the factory mild steel pins wear out.  Factory pins are prone to wearing quickly and reducing the overall Ruger PC Carbine Reliability.

Custom Ruger PC Carbine Aftermarket Parts to Improve Overall Performance and Reliability!  Getting replacement Ruger PC Carbine Parts from Ruger is nearly impossible....they require you ship your firearm in for warranty work regardless of the issue...even if you just lost the pin and need another one!

M*CARBO specializes in Custom Ruger PC Carbine Upgrades and Ruger PC Carbine Mods that promote Performance, Longevity and Reliability!  It's how we start every design project with these aspects in mind to further improve the firearm for the long run!

Ruger PC Carbine A2 Tool Steel Bolt Head Pins & Extractor Pin Kit is a must have for your Ruger PC Carbine Aftermarket Accessories to improve the overall Ruger PC Carbine Reliability!

Kit Includes 2 Bolt Head Pins and 1 Extractor Pin for complete replacement.

The M*CARBO A2 Tool Steel Pins are also Black Oxide coated to provide anti-rust protection.

We highly recommend getting the Ruger PC Carbine Exact Edge A2 Tool Steel Extractor with the A2 Tool Steel Pin Kit for a All In One Installation.

  • Lifetime Improvement over factory mild steel pins
  • Insurance against factory pins eventually causing a major malfunction
  • Precision CNC Machined out of A2 Tool Steel!
  • Kit Includes 2 Bolt Head Pins and 1 Extractor Pin for complete replacement.
  • Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA!

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    5 Reviews

  • Posted by Vince Nestico on 2023 Oct 20th


    Excellent Upgrade

    I did some research before purcahasing these and there were definitely mixed reviews. I was a little apprehensive, but I did purchase and install into both my PC carbines, It's true, They did fit very tight the first time installed, but after 200+ rounds through both carbines, they are withstanding the abuse quite well, with no sign of wear as of yet. The factory pins after 500+ rounds were definitely showing some wear. For the price point, and quality of material, Its a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.

  • Posted by Wayne on 2023 Mar 30th



    These are so much better than the stock pins. They fit a lot tighter and don't fall out when removing or replacing the bolt assembly.

  • Posted by Mitch on 2022 Jun 28th


    Ruger PC9 Bolt head pins

    Despite Ruger forums and previous reviews I went ahead and bought these anyways. After installing these MCARBO bolt head pins, the fit was FAR too tight for my liking. Bolt head literally had zero wiggle room after installed, consequently, the extractor pin was the only pin I felt comfortable using. I did end up contacted a Gun Smith at the actual MCARBO HQ in the U.S.A, the gentleman I talked with said that after installing the new pins, there should in fact be movement in the bolt head. After about an hour of trying to get the new bolt heads out, I put the Ruger OEM ones back in and only ended up using the extractor pin. After reading reviews and forums it seems some people are having the same problem and some aren't. At the end of the day, I didn't feel comfortable with how tight they were when installed as well as the MCARBO Gun Smith stating that there should be movement with the bolt head when mine had zero.

  • Posted by PCCshooter on 2022 Apr 13th


    One out of three pieces usable

    Unfortunately only the extractor pin is usable. Ruger has changed the measurements of the bold-head pins in someway on newer versions and the bolt-head pins included in the package no longer fit. They are VERY tight, and once in, provide no slack movement in the bolt-head and are almost impossible to take out. This has been confirmed in by M-Carbo in their forums. So far no alternative available.

  • Posted by dan on 2022 Apr 4th


    Head and extractor pins

    Easy install and will last longer than the OEM pins.