XS Sights Lever Scout Mount Picatinny Rail for Winchester 94 AE

XS Sights

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The XS Lever Scout Mount allows a scope or red dot sight to be mounted in the forward, scout rifle position. The rail is machined to Picatinny specs from a lightweight aluminum. Requires removal of factory rear sight. Rail mounts to forward receiving holes and rear sight dovetail with a pillar assembly. All screws torque to 20 INCH-pounds; over-torqueing can fracture or break screws. Fits Winchester 94 AE models with rear sight dovetail 4" from receiver. Rail will fit on Win 94 Top Eject IF both of the following are met: rear sight dovetail must be 3.8"-4" from barrel/receiver junction line and be willing to drill the two required screw holes in the manner the AE models are drilled.

MarineTex or J-B Marine Weld epoxy required, but not included.

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XS Sights