FAMAE - SCAR Type Stock Factory Alert

All users of FAMAE rifles that have the folding SCAR type stock should stop using their rifles immediately. The bolt can contact and damage the stock attaching block.

Owners can do the repairs themselves (directions below), or they can remove the stock and send it to Calgary Shooting Centre.

If you would like our gunsmiths to perform the modifications, please contact our Gunsmith Department.

If you wish to do the modifications yourself,

  1. Open the receiver and locate the rectangular hole on the rear of the lower receiver face.famae-repair-picture2.jpg
  2. Take a pencil and scribe the bottom edge of the hole.
  3. Take a 6mm allen key and remove the rear stock bolt.
  4. Remove the stock assembly. Locate the centre of the scribed box.

  5. With a 1/8” drill bit, centre a pilot hole in the box.
  6. Take a 7/16” drill bit and mark out 4mm of shaft depth with tape.
  7. Drill the hole using the pilot hole as a guide.
  8. Reattach the stock to the rifle. The rifle is now safe to shoot.

If you would like our gunsmiths to perform the modifications, click here to contact our Gunsmith Department.  Be sure to provide your name and shipping address. We will issue you a shipping label.

To remove the stock,

  1. Fold the stock to the side and use a 6mm allen key to remove the bolt.
  2. Pull the stock assembly off the rifle.
  3. Reinsert the attaching bolt in the rifle to avoid losing it.
  4. Send us the stock assembly less the attaching bolt.


2023 Apr 28th

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