MCARBO Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger


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The Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger has very little pre-travel and is over-travel adjustable for a custom fit and function. The Ruger PC Carbine Trigger has a flat-faced design which allows the Shooter to place their finger lower on the trigger face, improving leverage and lowering the feel of the trigger pull.

Will Not Fit or Function Properly in Ruger PC Charger.  Intended for Ruger PC Carbine Only.

Aftermarket Aluminum Trigger Upgrade corrects Ruger PC Carbine Problems with Plastic Factory Trigger. Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger design allows the shooter to pull straight back, making it easier to tell if you’re pulling too far to the left or right.

The Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger by MCARBO is CNC milled out of a billet of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, then tumbled to remove sharp corners and finally hard platted with black anodizing to give it superior strength and a premium finish.

Custom PC Carbine Flat Trigger is a Must Have for Ruger PC Carbine Accessories!  This is the Ultimate Machined Aluminum Flat Trigger for your Ruger PC Carbine that will out last and out perform the factory plastic trigger. You will immediately notice a much smoother and crisper trigger pull with this machined aluminum Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger. No more flexing or jerky trigger pull.

Most Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Problems can be resolved with a new Ruger PC Carbine Aluminum Trigger and the Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Spring Kit to reduce the trigger pull. Your Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger machined from billet aluminum will allow you to perform at greater levels than previously possible with the ribbed plastic trigger.  Precision Machined 6061 Aluminum Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger won't flex or warp under rapid fire like the factory plastic trigger!

The Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Problems have a real impact on shooter performance. The major advantage of the Aluminum Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Replacement is custom design and premium material that won’t flex like the plastic trigger. Another advantage is the wider smooth blade on the trigger with no hump in the middle or plastic ribs like the factory plastic trigger making it the most ideal Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Upgrade available.

M*CARBO had the shooter in mind when we designed the Ruger PC Carbine Aftermarket Trigger to correct all of the factory trigger problems. Don’t’ wait any longer to upgrade your trigger with much needed aftermarket performance.

  • Custom Flat Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Upgrade - PC Carbine ONLY!
  • Competition Ready Ruger PC Carbine Mods for Improved Accuracy!
  • 6061 Aluminum Trigger will eliminate Stock Trigger Problems!
  • Minimum Pre-Travel Design and Post-Travel Set Screw Adjustment
  • Precision CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger
  • Flat Trigger Upgrade provides Clean & Crisp Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Pull Improvement
  • Fits and Functions in Ruger PC Carbine Only. Do Not install into PC Charger.
  • Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA!

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  • Posted by Matt on 2022 Feb 16th


    Great improvement

    So this trigger drastically improved the feel and function of my trigger group the reset and travel is much better much smoother